Our Weight Loss program, tailored to your health

Our medically guided Weight Loss program is tailored to your health to help give you the best chance of gaining control of your weight.

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Weight Loss Program backed by Australian-registered doctors

This is not a lose-weight-fast scheme; it’s our medically guided weight loss program that’s tailored to help your body achieve sustainable weight loss.

Our doctors will complete a full review of the state of your body, including the health of your cells, nutrients, hormones and organ functions, as well as your diet and physical health, lifestyle behaviours, plus more; and if eligible, our doctors will prescribe a suitable weight-loss medication that is proven to reduce appetite, helping you take control of hunger pains and cravings.

Regulate your appetite

Learn how to control your eating desires, create healthy eating habits and feel in control of your diet.

Overcome hunger pains

Maintain a healthy diet and avoid unhealthy food and sugar cravings that make weight loss so exhausting.

Achieve your weight loss goals

Our team of doctors will help you achieve your weight loss goals and feel healthier throughout our program.

Our Tailored Program

  • 100% online –  no appointments required

  • Fast access to our doctors, we’ll call you within two hours

  • No video or face-to-face consultation necessary

  • Free express medication delivery

  • Trusted weight loss program from Australia’s leading digital healthcare clinic, InstantScripts

Other Medical Clinics

  • Difficulty obtaining a suitable appointment time

  • Lengthy waiting room

  • Uncomfortable face-to-face conversations

  • Long wait times at pharmacies

  • Expensive to continue to treat over

Weight Loss Program Pricing

Initial Assessment

Two telehealth consultations, reviewing your health and creating your tailored weight loss program.

Follow-up Consultations

Our doctors will arrange regular follow ups to see how you’re going and continue your treatments.

Medication Pricing

If eligible, our doctors may prescribe a single or multiple prescription medications to assist with weight loss.

Medication Delivery

There is no charge for your weight loss medication delivery.

Compare our online and medically guided weight loss program


Premium Telehealth Consultation
A weightloss consultation, pathology test & results consultation

Monthly Telehealth Consultation
A monthly telehealth consultation with your doctor

Medication Costs
From, per month

From, per month

  • InstantScripts





  • Online Competitor #1


    Not applicable
    (Digital check-in only)

    ($13 per day)


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    ($13 per day)


Our Three Step Process


Real Australian-registered doctors

Our Australian leading weight loss specialists are all registered doctors and based in Australia.

Our doctors understand the weight loss journey you’re about to embark on, and are here for you every step of the way.

  • 100% Online

  • Australian Registered Doctors

  • Fast, convenient & affordable

  • 90 day treatment available

  • Free Express Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications are prescribed through the InstantScripts weight loss program?

The Australian healthcare advertising code prevents InstantScripts from sharing the medications prescribed through our program. Our doctors may prescribe any type of prescription medication that they see fit, including any type of scheduled medication and/or a compounded medication of various ratios of these ingredients that best suit your health and regrowth success.

Is the medication prescribed safe?

Yes, the medications prescribed through our program will be named and fully explained at the time of your doctor’s consultation, provided that they are prescribed to you. The medications prescribed are considered safe and are generally well tolerated, with minimal side effects.

Are there any side effects of the medications that are prescribed?

Our doctors are aware of any side effects that may occur from the medications that are prescribed, and will discuss these with you when you complete your consultation.

How quickly will you have the medication delivered to my house?

3-4 days. InstantScripts express posts your medication order within 24 hours of receiving your order, which will then arrive at your address within 24-48 hours.

Once I start the program, am I obligated to continue it each month?

No. Simply don’t order your medication when it’s time to renew your prescription.

Why do InstantScripts partner with Bariatric physicians?

Bariatric physicians are doctors who specialise in helping patients lose weight with or without surgical intervention.


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