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Online prescriptions in minutes

Easy, doctor-approved prescriptions sent to your pharmacy in minutes from 6am to 12midnight, or medicine delivered to your door in just 1-3 business days.

Doctor Consultations Telehealth

Need to talk to a doctor? Request a Telehealth consultation to talk to a real Australian doctor over the phone, from 6am to 11pm. No more waiting rooms!

Online medical certificates

Feeling under the weather? Request a medical certificate online and have it sent directly to your email.

Pathology requests

Complete a digital consultation to get your pathology request sent to your email. After your test, we’ll get back to you with your results in just a few days.

Quick, safe, online scripts

InstantScripts offers online prescriptions for over 300 common medications. Explore and learn more about the categories below.

Women’s health

Access prescriptions and learn more about contraceptive pills, morning sickness pills, hormone replacement therapy, UTI treatments, and much more through the InstantScripts app.

Men’s health

Your tailored online service available through the InstantScripts app for men’s hair loss, sexual health, mental health and much more.

UTI treatment

Request antibiotics for UTI treatments discreetly, easily, and as pain-free as possible.

STI tests

Get a STI pathology request form in just minutes, quickly and affordably.


Get your contraception from the comfort of home with ease and convenience.

Mental health

Available for mental health consultations from 7am to midnight everyday.
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Prefer to speak to a doctor? Book a Telehealth consultation.

Not every medical consultation needs to be in-person, and sometimes all it takes is a quick consultation with a registered professional.

Request a Telehealth appointment with InstantScripts and you can be speaking to an Australian-registered doctor from the comfort of your own home. It’s quicker and more convenient than a visit to the GP, and it’s only $49.

Use InstantScripts Telehealth for:

  • Doctor consultations
  • Pathology requests
  • Referral to a Specialist
  • Doctor’s letters

Safe, secure, and backed by real doctors

Real Australian doctors

Australian-registered, licensed, registered and fully-insured GPs

Wherever you are

Pick up from over 2000 pharmacies or home delivery

Range of medications

Scripts for over 300 common medications

Safe and secure

Your data is safely held in our encrypted cloud storage database on Australian shores.

How it works

  • 1. Request your medication

  • 2. Certified by a doctor

  • 3. Script fulfilled at the pharmacy

  • 4. Delivered to you

Requesting medication in Australia when on the go, through InstantScripts is made easy. Order online or through our easy-to-use app.

Our Australian-registered doctors review, approve and send the prescription directly to your pharmacy of choice, for easy pickup or delivery. We will notify you when the script has been sent to the pharmacy.

Frequently asked questions

What is InstantScripts?

InstantScripts is a secure platform that offers prescriptions for customers after they complete a short digital consultation with an Australian GP online.

Once a customer completes the digital consultation, the answers are quickly reviewed by an Australian GP. If approved, a prescription is emailed to your local pharmacy within minutes.

How do I get a prescription online?

Once you have completed a digital or Telehealth consultation for your selected medication, your prescription request will be reviewed by one of our online GPs. If a prescription is approved, it will be emailed to your local pharmacy of choice, allowing you to pick up your prescription drugs in minutes.

Can anyone use InstantScripts?

Anyone in Australia can access Telehealth consultations.

For the express script option, you must be 18 years old or over and living within Australia.

Can I get a medical certificate online using InstantScripts?

Yes, a doctor can issue you with a medical certificate if deemed suitable. The medical certificate will be emailed to you within minutes of the doctor reviewing your digital consultation.

For medical certificates that must be valid for more than 1 day, patients must consult with a GP online via an InstantScripts Telehealth consultation.

Do I need a medicare card to use the InstantScripts service?

While anyone can use InstantScripts, some services may require a medicare card.

How much does it cost?

Prescriptions without a phone consultation can be obtained via the InstantScripts platform for $15.

Telehealth consultations with one of our doctors costs $49.

Can I book a doctor’s appointment online?

Yes. You can book a doctor’s appointment online with InstantScripts.

If you need medical advice over the phone, you can request a Telehealth consultation to speak to a GP online.

Can I get medicine delivered?

Yes, InstantScripts now offers medicine home delivery. Simply select the ‘Express Shipping’ option when

requesting your prescriptions and, for a small additional fee, your medicine will be delivered straight to your door in 1-3 business days. Your medication will be fulfilled by Prahran Amcal Pharmacy located in Melbourne.

Does InstantScripts bulk bill?

In January 2022, the Australian Government rules regarding telehealth bulk billing changed. In order to be eligible for bulk-billed GP telehealth consultations, the patient must have had a face-to-face consultation with their GP or another GP in the same practice in the 12 months prior to the current telehealth service request. Therefore, InstantScripts is not able to provide bulk billed appointments. To find out more please visit Australian Government Rules

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