Ordering prescriptions and medications online, and doctor consultations online including Telehealth

Getting prescriptions for your everyday medications online and through Telehealth medical consultations has never been easier. On instant scripts, after choosing your needed medication, you complete an online doctors consultation, which includes answering medical questions. The medical consultation questions are then promptly reviewed online by an Australian doctor, who may then immediately approve the prescription.

You can also request to speak to a doctor by requesting an online Telehealth doctor consultation. In accordance with recent government announcements in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Telehealth and online medical consultations will be covered by bulk billing (for eligible customers). Telehealth doctors consultations will by available with bulk billing and quality Australian doctors on instant scripts shortly.

If the requested script is approved, it is immediately sent to your preferred pharmacy. You can choose from 100s of pharmacies throughout Australia, and promptly pick up your medications.

By using instant scripts for getting prescription online and telehealth doctor consultations online for everyday health concerns, you enjoy many benefits including:

  • Saving the time and inconvenience of attending your doctors clinic for brief and routine doctors consultations
  • Helping reduce the burden on GP clinics
  • Having access to your prescription and online medical consultation history through your instant scripts safe and secure account

Recent changes to Telehealth

The Australian Government has unveiled a comprehensive $2.4 billion health package to protect all Australians from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Part of this package includes provisions for access to essential health services via Telehealth for people in the home provided the service is bulk-billed. We are currently urgently working on incorporating teleconferencing into our InstantScripts platform so you can access these bulk billed services via InstantScripts.