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Do you need a repeat prescription for one of our common medications?
Here are some popular medications for Australian men.

Hair loss

Experiencing unwanted hair loss? Whether you’ve noticed some balding or a receding hairline, we’re here to provide you with the treatment options you need. See real changes and start feeling great again.

Erectile dysfunction

We understand that erectile dysfunction can feel embarrassing. Our doctors are here to provide you with confidential medical support and prescriptions to help you gain control of your sexual health.

STI tests

Putting off an STI test? You could be putting the health of others at risk as well as your own. Schedule a confidential sexual health check with one of our doctors to discuss your symptoms. Securely access your results via email or the app.

Premature ejaculation

Did you know premature ejaculation is the most common sexual issue experienced by Australian men? Get confidential medical advice, prescriptions, and the treatment you need to lead a more fulfilling sex life for you and your partner.

Men’s health services

At InstantScripts we provide a range of healthcare support for Australian men’s health needs.
Discover more below.

Hair loss

Feeling a little thin on top? You’re not alone. Almost half of all Australian men experience hair loss by age 50. Examine potential causes like autoimmune diseases, stress, medication-use, or natural causes. Receive the right medical treatment to get your self-esteem back.

Sexual health

Access quality healthcare and support for all your men’s sexual health needs. Access confidential, discrete medical advice and treatment options for all sexual health conditions like erectile dysfunction and STIs.

Pain and migraine

Get on top of your pain with a personalised, custom support plan for your chronic pain. From migraines to back pain, we can diagnose and treat your symptoms without you needing to leave the house.

Mental health

Confidential, professional mental health care, referrals, and treatments. Get the mental health support you need, whether it’s expert advice or a mental health treatment plan. If you’re suffering from a mental health condition such as depression and anxiety, our doctors can refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist.


Did you know that 7 million men over 18 years-old have three or more risk factors for heart disease? Get on top of high cholesterol levels before they create serious heart problems. Discover cholesterol-lowering medicines and access quick, convenient prescriptions.

Online scripts for over 300 common medications

With access to a range of medications for men’s health, you’ll be able to request the online scripts you need to stay happy, healthy, and free from regular trips to the doctor’s office.


Medications to address over and under active thyroid disease.


Medication to optimise glycaemic control in diabetes.


Medication to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Asthma relievers and preventers including Ventolin, Seretide and Symbicort.

Heart burn

Proton pump inhibitors reduce the production of acid by the stomach.


Prophylactic antibiotic kits if you’re travelling to the developing world.

Steroid creams

Steroid creams are used for eczema, allergic dermatitis, psoriasis and other hypersensitive skin conditions.


Anti-histamine and nasal sprays for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and hayfever.

The flu

Medication to minimise the symptoms of influenza.

Eye drops

Contains anti-bacterial and anti histamine options.

Anti inflammatory

Anti inflammatories for severe inflammatory pain.


Medication to prevent gout attacks and manage the pain of gout.


Epipen for anaphylaxis.

Smoking cessation

Quitting? Get a script online to help you quit smoking.


We offer a range of anti biotics to treat a range of infections.


Medication for the treatment of conditions like Genital Herpes.

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