Professional pregnancy care, from the comfort of home

At InstantScripts we’re here to assist you with a range of services to support you through various stages of your pregnancy. We’ll help ensure you get the care you need, faster and more conveniently.

Professional pregnancy tests with fast, accurate results

Have you had a positive result from an at-home test? Then it’s time to do a real test. A professional pregnancy test looks for a particular hormone in your blood. After a fertilised egg implants in the uterus, cells around the embryo release a special hormone in the urine or blood. The hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (or hCG) and is only present when a woman is pregnant. A clinical pathology blood test is the most accurate way to test for the presence of hCG.

How do these pregnancy tests work?

At InstantScripts, we can give you a referral to your local pathology clinic who can conduct this kind of test from a blood sample. Simply take your referral into them, conduct a quick blood test, and your results will be made available confidentially in the InstantScripts app within just a few days.


Get a referral via InstantScripts


Take it to your local pathology clinic for a test


Your results will be viewable via the app within just a few days

Questions about your pregnancy?

Our highly skilled Australian doctors are available to assist with any pregnancy related questions or concerns. Now you can avoid extra trips and long wait times in a doctor’s office. Book your appointment below.

Medical certificates straight to your inbox

Morning sickness? Nausea? If you’re feeling too unwell to go to work, request a medical certificate and get it sent straight to your inbox in minutes. Alternatively, request a doctor consultation and get a certificate for multiple days.

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