Have you accidentally run out of your contraception?

Life is busy enough and sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to make it to the doctor’s office to get your contraception script. All of this can be done with the ease of no face-to-face appointments, no waiting room, all from your phone.

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Which type of contraception is best for me?

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There are many things to think about when choosing which method of contraception is right for you. We would suggest that you consider aspects such as ease of use, effectiveness, cost and reversibility. The method of contraception you use is your choice.

Some options aren’t suitable for everyone. Some types of hormonal contraception are not recommended for people with a history of blood clots or other health problems like migraines or high blood pressure.

Unsure of which method of contraception is best for me?

It’s a good idea to see a doctor if you’re considering your options for contraception. They can advise you on which options might be right for you depending on your health and lifestyle. With real, Australian registered doctors just a phone call away, we can help you decide on which method is best for you and have your script sent to your mobile phone or nearest participating pharmacy in just minutes if you prefer.

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