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Life is busy enough without long waits at the doctor’s office for a contraception script. Most of the time, you already know what you need, so chasing that piece of paper can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time.

Now, you can consult your doctor and get your contraception from the comfort of home with InstantScripts.

Offering the ease and convenience of online shopping, plus the care of a professional team of RACGP-certified doctors, you can skip the waiting room while getting everything you need to stay protected.

Simply fill out a request form to have your request reviewed by a real, Australian doctor and sent to your nearest participating pharmacy in just minutes. Alternatively, you can select the express shipping option to have your contraception delivered directly to your door in just 1-3 business days.

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I ran out of my contraceptive pill over the weekend and couldn’t get in to see my doctor for a prescription. I had my new prescription within an hour of using this service. Will use again.

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Great service & easy to use for a first time user. I had my script within 30 minutes. 10/10 Very satisfied.

Need help deciding what
contraception is best for you?

Contraceptive implants, combination pills, mini-pills… there are so many options when it comes to contraception that it can be difficult to determine which contraceptive method is right for you. That’s why it’s best to speak to a doctor to discuss your options and work out what you need.

Our doctors are all fully-certified professionals who will offer you the respectful and discreet medical support you need to make the right choice. In your consultation, your GP can explain the efficacy of each contraceptive method, how they work and the best way to use them. They’ll then be able to write your prescription and send it to your pharmacy for an easy

7 simple steps to ordering contraception online

With online scripts in just minutes and home delivery in 1-3 business days, accessing your regular contraception has never been easier:

  • Log into the InstantScripts app or website portal
  • Select your medication
  • Complete a quick online medical consultation
  • Choose your pharmacy or select express shipping for fast home delivery
  • Your request will be reviewed by one of our RACGP-certified doctors
  • If approved, the script will be available within just a few minutes
  • You’ll be notified once the script is ready

Safe, convenient, discreet
contraception online

InstantScripts offers a range of contraception options. If you already have a regular contraception, search the categories below to find your usual medication and request a script.

If you need a little guidance in finding the right contraceptive method for you, book a Telehealth consultation with one of our RACGP-certified doctors to get the professional advice you need.

Combined contraceptive pills

Also known as ‘the Pill’, combined contraceptive pills contain both oestrogen and progestogen. The Pill prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg each month, thins the lining of the womb and thickens cervical mucus to reduce the chances of fertilisation. Used correctly, it’s 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Contraceptive devices

Contraceptive devices include barrier contraceptive methods such as condoms, diaphragms and the contraceptive sponge. It also includes contraceptive implants, which go inside the body and release hormones to reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Progesterone-only pills (mini-pill)

Mini-pills contain just the one hormone: progesterone. The mini-pill is perfect for women who can’t take the combined pill for health reasons or because they’re breastfeeding. Considered 99% effective when taken correctly, the mini-pill thins the lining of the uterus while thickening cervical mucus.

Order your scripts with InstantScripts and get ready to get it on…line!

Giving you the freedom to live life away from the doctor’s office, InstantScripts is dedicated to offering you the best medical support from the comfort of your own home.

With real Australian doctors available at just the touch of a button, you can get medical advice and scripts online. With scripts in minutes and home delivery in just days, accessing contraception online has never been safer, easier or more convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions about contraceptives

Which contraceptive method is most effective?

The efficacy of most contraceptive methods depends on many factors, including interaction with other medications, and whether you’re using the contraception as directed. Assuming perfect use, here are the typical levels of effectiveness you can expect:

Male condoms: 98% effective
Diaphragms: 94% effective Combined oral contraceptives: 99% effective
Mini-pills: 99% effective
Mirena: 99% effective
Copper IUD: 99% effective
Implanon: 99% effective
Depo Provera injection: 99% effective
Nuvaring: 99% effective
Emergency contraception: 98-99% effective within four days of unprotected sex

What are the different types of contraception?

Typically, it’s considered that there are four main types of contraception:

  • Natural methods: This involves a lot of self-monitoring, including temperature checks, mucus inspections and calendars
  • Barrier methods: Physical barriers are used to prevent sperm from reaching the ovum. Condoms are a type of barrier method.
  • Oral contraceptive pills: Tablets containing hormones are used to prevent the release of eggs or create unfavourable conditions in the womb for fertilisation
  • Contraceptive implants: Contraceptive devices are put under the skin or in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. These ‘set and forget’ methods of birth control can help to avoid slip-ups that may result in accidental pregnancy
How does the contraceptive pill work?

Contraceptive pills work in a variety of ways.

Combined contraceptive pills stop the ovaries from releasing an egg each month (mini-pills also do this, though less consistently).

Oral contraception also works to create unfavourable conditions for fertilisation. This includes thinning the uterus wall while thickening cervical mucus to help prevent fertilisation and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

What are the side effects of contraceptive pills?

As contraceptive pills contain hormones, they can come with some side effects:

  • Irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Tender breasts
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Changes to the skin
  • Mood swings or changes

If you experience extreme or unmanageable side effects while taking oral contraception, it’s best to consult your doctor to find a solution or alternative method of birth control.

What are the side effects of contraceptive implants?

Possible side effects of contraceptive implants include:

  • Abdominal or back pain
  • Increased risk of noncancerous ovarian cysts
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding patterns
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Sore breasts
  • Weight gain
What are the side effects of contraceptive injections?

The contraceptive injection may come with some side effects. Side effects usually settle over time, but they can be long-lasting:

  • Some women experience no bleeding at all while others will experience changes to their cycle that include prolonged or frequent bleeding
  • Weight gain
  • A small drop in bone density (bone density will return over time without the injection)
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Changes to skin
  • Tender breasts
  • Mood changes
Can you see the contraceptive implant?

Some implants involve inserting a flexible plastic rod under the skin of your upper arm.

You shouldn’t be able to see the implant as it’s hidden beneath the skin, however, if you touch the place on your arm where it was inserted, you will be able to feel it.

What are natural contraceptive methods?

There are several natural contraceptive methods that do not require the use of hormones or physical barriers. They include:

  • Calendar rhythm birth control: This involves monitoring your menstrual cycle and avoiding sex during the most fertile times. The calendar method is considered roughly 80% effective
  • Basal body temperature: This natural contraceptive method requires a woman to take her temperature every morning before getting out of bed, looking for the small temperature drop she will experience just before ovulation
  • Mucus inspection: For this, a woman needs to become very familiar with the appearance and consistency of cervical mucus to determine when to avoid sexual intercourse
  • Withdrawal: Also known as the pull-out method, this requires the male to pull out before ejaculation. Effectiveness varies due to the difficulty of this method and the fact that a small amount of semen can be released prior to ejaculation
How long can you take contraceptive pills for?

As long as you are healthy and not experiencing any concerning side effects, you can continue taking birth control pills for as long as you need. However, please be aware that certain medications and health conditions can impact the efficacy of your birth control pills.

How do you take contraceptive pills?

For the greatest effect, you should take the pill every day at the same time (this is particularly important when taking the mini-pill). It’s best to set an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s time to take your pill. Taking the sugar pills instead of throwing them out can also help to maintain the habit.

If you miss a dose and it’s been less than 48 hours since your last pill, take the skipped dose immediately and continue taking the rest of the pills on your regular schedule, even if that means taking two pills in the same day. 

If you’ve missed two or more active pills, take the last missed pill as soon as you remember and throw away the other missed pills. Use a back-up method of birth control such as condoms for the next 7 days.

Is the contraceptive pill bad for you?

Contraceptive pills are considered safe, but just like any medication, they can come with risks and side effects.

The combination pill may slightly increase the chances of conditions such as heart attack, stroke, blood clots and liver tumours, though this is a very small increase. For the most part, mini-pills don’t come with these risks.

If you are concerned about the risks or have a medical history that may make oral contraception unsuitable for you, it’s best to consult your doctor for advice.

Can contraceptive pills cause bleeding?

‘Spotting’ or ‘breakthrough bleeding’ is a common side effect of taking oral contraception and is especially common in the first three months of using hormonal birth control or after switching pills.

Can contraceptive pills cause weight gain?

While oestrogen can cause weight gain, most, if not all contraceptive pills do not contain enough of the hormone to make it happen. As a result, most studies oppose the theory that oral contraceptives cause weight gain.

There is a chance that a little extra weight may be gained within the first few months of taking birth control pills, but this is typically due to water retention rather than actual weight gain. Typically, this is a temporary side effect of oral contraception.

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