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Online prescriptions in minutes

Get quick, convenient prescriptions approved by a real doctor and sent straight to your pharmacy of choice in minutes.

Get your medication delivered

Choose to have your prescribed medication delivered straight to your door with our Express Delivery option.

Talk to a Doctor on the phone

Request a telehealth consultation with one of our Australian-registered doctors. Appointments between 6am and 11pm.

Medical certificates sent direct to your email

Have your medical certificate signed by a real doctor online and sent directly to your email.

Get online scripts today and escape the waiting room

Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life without the hassle of regular doctor’s appointments.

But with many medications for men’s health requiring a prescription, it can feel like you’re wasting your life away in the doctor’s waiting room — and paying for the privilege!

Take the hassle out of your healthcare and go back to doing the things that you love with InstantScripts. With one simple app, you can request online prescriptions and repeats, book a Telehealth appointment with a real Australian doctor, and even organise to have your medication delivered straight to your door.

Men’s mental health

Suffering from depression or anxiety is enough of a burden without regular trips to the doctor for your antidepressant medication.

Access online scripts to take the stress out of obtaining your medication and put the focus back on your mental health. If you need professional advice, book a Telehealth consultation to speak to one of our experts in men’s mental health.

Erectile dysfunction

When you’re having troubles in the bedroom due to ED, talking to a stranger about it may feel like the last thing in the world you want to do.

With InstantScripts, you can request a prescription online and pick your medication up from your local pharmacy. You can even organise to have it delivered directly to your house for fast, discreet ED management.

Hypertension treatment

You’re not sick, so why would you want to sit in a busy waiting room filled with sick people just to get a prescription for your regular BP medication?

With InstantScripts, you can request an online script for your BP tablets, or our Australian-registered doctors for a repeat on your prescription.

Hair loss

Being forced to go to the doctor for your hair loss prescription can feel, at best, like a waste of time, and at worst, an indignity.

If you’re suffering from thinning hair, alopecia or male-pattern baldness, you can now get a script for hair loss treatment online with InstantScripts. Have your script sent straight to your chosen participating pharmacy or organise to have your medication delivered to your door.

Search hundred’s of medications

InstantScripts: How to request an online prescription

Request a script online for just $15 on our InstantScripts app.

1. Log in on the InstantScripts app or website
2. Select your medication
3. Complete a quick online medical consultation
4. Select your local pharmacy
5. Your request will be reviewed by one of our Australian-registered doctors
6. If approved, the prescription will be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice for an easy pickup or delivery
7. You’ll be notified once the script has been sent to the pharmacy

Have your prescribed medication delivered to your door

No time to pick up your medication?

Simply select the Express Shipping option on our request form and for just $7 you can have your medication delivered directly to your house within 1-3 days.

Please note: For your safety, not all medications are available for Express Shipping.

Need a repeat on your prescription?

At InstantScripts, we’re passionate about offering the most professional and safe alternative to the doctor’s waiting room.

That’s why we can’t supply repeat prescriptions through our Express Script service. But one of our Australian-registered doctors will be happy to write you a repeat on your prescription once they’re certain it’s the safest and most appropriate medication for you.

Simply book a Telehealth consultation to speak to one of our doctors.

Over 2,000 participating pharmacies

No matter where you are in Australia, InstantScripts makes it easy to pick up your medication locally from one of our participating pharmacies.

If you can’t make it to a pharmacy, simply select the Express Shipping option on eligible medications to have it sent directly to your house in 1-3 days.

One simple app, over 300 common medications

Access online scripts for a range of medications for men’s health through the InstantScripts app.

After requesting a script, a licensed, registered and fully-insured Australian doctor will review your request to make sure it’s the right medication for you. Once approved, the script will be sent directly to your pharmacy of choice.

Prefer to speak to a doctor? Book a Telehealth consultation.

Not every medical consultation needs to be in-person, and sometimes all it takes is a quick consultation with a registered professional.

When you request a Telehealth consultation, you will receive a call back from an Australian-registered doctor from the comfort of your own home. Fast and more convenient than a visiting your local medical clinic, and it’s only $49.

Use InstantScripts Telehealth for:

  • Doctor consultations
  • Pathology requests
  • Referral to a Specialist
  • Doctor’s letters

InstantScripts: Australia’s leading provider of online healthcare for men

From online scripts to consultations with an expertise in men’s health, InstantScripts is here to help you look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

Backed by real doctors, InstantScripts offers fast, affordable and professional online healthcare for men, so that you can live your life happy, healthy and free of the doctor’s waiting room.

Request your script or download the app today.

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